Druid Hills Woodland Glade

An unprecedented autumn drought had the client calling for a sustainable, native alternative to her thirsty lawn–one that would suit this historic Atlanta neighborhood designed in the English Landscape Style by Frederick Law Olmsted and his sons.

Olmsted’s naturalistic, informal style was suited to the remnant hardwood forests of the Georgia Piedmont. The fescue lawns have become difficult to maintain, however, as Atlanta becomes hotter and drier.

The lawn will be replaced, in part, with a native, more drought-tolerant grass. The wooded area will be extended and underplanted with small trees, shrubs, and perennials. Leaf litter will be retained for nutrient recycling and water absorption. Logs have been buried to help break up surface runoff and improve the soil ( “Planting Logs” blog).  The  sketch illustrates the new shape of the design, to be installed in spring/summer of 2017.



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