Staking Plan

The master plan is scanned back into the CAD drawing, and the CAD program is used to measure the plan elements for location, dimensions, square footage and so forth.  These are added to the master plan as an overlay, along with a list of possible materials. I request estimates from contractors and meet them on site to review the design and solicit their feedback.  I check their estimates and meet with the client to review them.

On-site Layout

Using wooden stakes and hoses, I lay out paths and plants generally according to the master plan.  If plants are already on site, I lay them out on site.

Tag Trees and Invasives

Using flagging tape, I indicate what plants–trees, shrubs, perennials–should be saved or removed.

On-site Observation

I meet the contractors or clients on site to review progress, answer questions, refine design details.

Punch List

I compare the installation to the estimate.

Going Forward

I suggest maintenance methods or schedule (see landscape management plan) or suggest the next stages for installation.

Free Checkup

I will return to the site preferably during a growing season to check the progress of plantings and make suggestions for refinement or additions.