TreemorningCurb Appeal Consultation

For those who want a quick fix for the front yard: Depending on when you plan to sell your house,  I will suggest pruning, enhancement, and replacement of existing  plant materials to make your house look its best. 1-1.5 hours for average, half-acre lot.

Tree Protection

As a certified arborist (International Society of Arboriculture Certification No. SO-6165A), I can inspect your trees for health; develop required tree protection and landscape plans; and submit permit applications to the appropriate authorities.

Initial Consultation

For those who simply want help with design direction and ideas, this can be a one-time design consultation; for those who want more, this can be the beginning of a detailed plan. Either way, this is a fun, playful part of the process.

Your part in the process: to find pictures of gardens you love and/or hate and brainstorm a list of all the things you’d like to do in your garden, without thought to practicality . (I will deal with that.)

I will meet with you and look at your property with regard to: style and history of the house and its relationship to the neighborhood; views (good and bad) from inside and outside the house; existing plant materials, their health, and relationship to native plant communities; light, water and soil patterns; and your family needs and uses.

After reviewing your wish list, we will walk the property and I will suggest design ideas–how you might organize your outdoor spaces to achieve your aims; what kind of plants and hardscape elements you might use and where. You can use this information to proceed on your own or we can proceed to the next step together.

1-1.5 hours for average size, half-acre lot.